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Mushrooms: Local Innovators Knowledge Drop

Wednesday, September 27th • 5-8pm

Boulder Chamber of Commerce

Have you heard all the buzz around mushrooms lately? Do the words mycelium or fruiting body have you wanting to learn more? If you are mushroom-curious and want to learn more, we've got an educational event for you! We've gathered three local mycology experts for an evening of mushroom appreciation!

Topics being explored:

  • Mushroom 101 knowledge on topics including terminology, varietals, how to grow your own mushrooms at home and decriminalization of psilocybin.
  • Chemistry of extraction and how this differs from plant medicine and how you can determine product quality from a consumer perspective?
  • Wildfire mitigation and the philosophy around negative waste.

We haven't scratched the surface on what the wonderful world of fungi has to teach us. Come hang out with your community and learn more!


5 - 6 pm: Check-in, networking

6 - 7 pm: Panel discussion

7 - 8 pm: Networking & goodbyes



  • Bill Giebler (Content & Insights Director of Nutrition Business Journal)

    Bill Giebler

    Content & Insights Director of Nutrition Business Journal

    An award-winning writer and seasoned natural products industry veteran—with decades of experience in food and supplement retail, lifestyle mail order and organic home textiles product development—Nutrition Business Journal Content & Insights Director Bill Giebler manages the NBJ business with a keen focus on the what, where and why of the dietary supplement market.

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  • Zach Hedstrom (Owner at Boulder Mushroom)

    Zach Hedstrom

    Owner at Boulder Mushroom

    Zach Hedstrom is a long-time fungi enthusiast, mycologist and owner of Boulder Mushroom. He oversees diverse research into innovative applications for using native fungi in an environmental remediation setting and is currently managing research on the use of fungal inoculation as a nature-based tool for wildfire mitigation. Zach believes that the use of fungi in environmental remediation is paramount in addressing large scale global issues with nature-based solutions. Boulder Mushroom is a producer of fresh mushrooms, medicinal mushroom extracts, mushroom spawn, and community education in the field of mycology. Boulder Mushroom partners with government agencies to oversee research utilizing fungi for sustainable land management practices. More information is available at bouldermushroom.com.

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  • Shane Schoolman (CEO/Co-Founder/CWO of MyCOLove Farm)

    Shane Schoolman

    CEO/Co-Founder/CWO of MyCOLove Farm


    Shane Schoolman, CEO and Founder of MyCOLove Farms, received his degree from CU Boulder in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and has been researching mycology from many aspects since 2016. Knowing how to cultivate organic, potent medicine, creating high quality therapeutic extracts and educating, are all a passion of his that he wants to share with budding mycologists. A Core Value of MyCOLove Farms is Education. The mycology space is lacking in medicinal mycology understandng and we feel it’s imperative that we explore this realm to better apply functional mushrooms to our daily lives.

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  • Tomas Vara (Co-Owner at Uncle John's Recipes)

    Tomas Vara

    Co-Owner at Uncle John's Recipes


    Tom Vara, a mycologist with a profound curiosity for the hidden world of fungi, embarked on his journey of exploration during his years as a student at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he pursued a degree in environmental science.Tom's pioneering work not only expands our understanding of mycology but also underscores the critical importance of fungi in maintaining ecological balance.

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