Title Sponsor (Pitch Slam)

Are you interested in co-branding an interactive event with our audience of natural and organic products professionals? Our premier sponsor will share branding in all digital, print, and in-person attendance at our 18th year big pitch slam event. This event brings together mutually aligned professionals with the mission of nurturing and enhancing the natural and organic products community in Colorado.

● You’ll receive acknowledgement of your contribution in our main stage slideshow.
● Your brand will receive featured logo placement in all communications prior to the event and in post-event communications
○ 18,000 followers across 4 social media platforms
○ Story on Instagram featured on NB’s Reel
○ Monthly Newsletters and weekly email blasts
○ Website promotion and event microsite
● You’ll be contributing a cash prize to our
competition: $3,000 of this total will be awarded to the first place winner of Naturally Boulder’s Pitch Slam.
● You’ll have the opportunity to provide swag to all attendees.
● We’ll send dedicated email to our event attendees to share a promo or special offer from your company.

Standard Price $7,500
VIP Lounge Sponsorship

This 930 square foot space boasts two entrances/exits, high windows, a built-in credenza, hot/cold water dispenser, a ceiling-mounted projector and 11’ screen plus in-ceiling speakers, and can include tables and chairs, if you’d like. We’ll have volunteers posted at the doors so that only active Sponsors can access this exclusive space. What would you like to share with this elite audience?

You may choose to fill this lounge with your products, screen a video or slideshow about your company, and make representatives available. If you’re interested in adding F&B services, we can connect you with our caterer, Savory Cuisines. If you’d like to add décor or seating options, we’ll share contact info for All Events Rentals. This space welcomes your customization!

Standard Price $3,500
Main Bar Sponsor

We’ve all been there before at the events, standing in line talking to people waiting for that turn at the bar. Why not capitalize on this captive audience as they wait? Your company logo will be prominently displayed so that everyone will know who is the bar sponsor! This sponsorship comes with 2 free admissions to the pitch slam event.

Standard Price $2,500
Sober Curious Bar/Lounge

The Sober Curious bar will featuring Colorado’s hottest non-alcoholic libations! This is your opportunity to serve our anticipated 350 guests and solicit their feedback on your products or simply provide the attendees an option.

Standard Price $1,500
Drinking Vessel Sponsorship

This is your opportunity to provide branded, reusable glasses, cups, or mugs to our attendees for use at this event and beyond. They'll retain and use this take-away item long after our Pitch Slam has concluded, ensuring multiple brand impressions. One free admission to the pitch slam is included with this sponsorship.

Standard Price $1,100
Tote Bag Sponsorship

Our Innovation Showcase exhibitors are likely
to be generous with their samples and literature. How will our guests juggle all those items? They'll be able to pop them into your branded tote bag! This sturdy take-away
may become their new reusable grocery
bag, their library book bag, or their new
laptop tote. Take advantage of this
opportunity for multiple brand impressions
by creating an eye-catching design they'll want to show off both at Pitch Slam and all around town in the months to come. One free admission to the pitch slam included!

Standard Price $1,200
Judging Panel Sponsorship

For the first time ever you can be the sponsor of the panel of judges for the 18th annual pitch competition. We will provide the sponsor with pre-event promotion through our social digital channels, invite the sponsor to assist in the on-boarding of the judges and allow the sponsor to introduce these judges from the stage! A great way to show your support of the pitch competition. This sponsorship will receive one free admission to the event.

Standard Price $1,000